If that’s the case, then you’ve invited him out for an evening of torture.

Another situation that you should try to avoid is one in which one of you is extremely comfortable while the other one is a stranger in a strange land.

If he asked you out, then he probably already has a plan in mind, and the best advice is to be yourself and relax.

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Think about what would make a first date fun and memorable for you both.

You could go to dinner or grab a coffee, just as you’ve both done dozens of time with other people.

Ideally, you want an activity that you’ll both enjoy, during which you can talk, and that doesn’t put a lot of pressure on either of you. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy; it’s amazing how much fun you can have playing miniature golf.

Another tactic is to try something that neither of you or your Capricorn has ever done before, but sounds like fun.

Exploring art galleries, even if neither of you knows anything about art, gives you a chance to talk about likes and dislikes, and may open the conversation to other topics.

Whatever you do, try to make it interactive and exciting.

If you’re short for ideas, then look at your local paper or website for a list of activities.

Somewhere, there is bound to be something going on that sounds like fun. For example, any activity which requires you to spend an extended amount of time together without a way out can make for an uncomfortable situation. However, if you and your Capricorn do not to hit it off so well, then you are stuck on a boat with one another for the next several hours.

If he’s a staunch animal rights activist, then a trip to a local zoo may elicit conversation, but perhaps not the type you want to have on a first date.