The news of their relationship limelight in the media when Alexandra posted few tweets that relates to him. But in 2017 its not sure that she is Logan Lerman girlfriend, currently he is completely focusing on his professional career.

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Who is logan lerman currently dating video

The couple who were dating each other from the Percy Jackson days are now officially heading towards different directions, and for Alexandra, all of this breakup thing is turning great as she is having the time of her life on the set of Baywatch.

And their breakup has disappointed their fans; and at the same time, it has opened the doors of opportunity for the sexy diva to move ahead in her acting career and to date someone else.

At his age it might be hard to be in a serious relationship with someone and this might be a reason why Logan Lerman girlfriend does not exist. Even though he is young enough he has achieved recognition in his life already and has been a part of many popular movies that gained him success.

He is an American actor and he is famous for his role in Percy Jackson films that are fantasy and adventure mixed together.

Undoubtedly three years ago the couple shared good moments together.

But at same time number of time ON and OFF news were also rumored about this relation.

We don't see any wedding ring images on her images uploaded on social media. The shooting of Baywatch has said to have brought Alexandra Daddario and the actor Zac Efron together, but the rumor has not been asserted true by both of the actors.

Though, we have seen her bikini picture with Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).https:// ZIe Baor/We still believe that Alexandra Daddario is still single in 2016 and the teasers show that the movie is going to be the hottest Alexandra movie so far.

Moving back to the question that also arise that why Logan Lerman is not engaged or married to girlfriend in 2017.

Its not an official statement but surely its not easy to takes such decision of life.

The Tweet closely pointed towards her Ex-boyfriend Logan.