However, in the year 2009, the news of the lady’s separation swept most of the attention.People were curious to know about the breakup along with their fans who had loved the on-screen pair.Caption: Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera in the movie"Paper Heart"2009.

We really pray the lady be blessed with a right man in her life soon.

While going through her dating history, we found out the history where she was linked with Jeremy Kaluza an American screenwriter .

There is a likely chance either she is keeping her dating story underneath her closet, or this is just a rumor. Charlyne Yi has stepped in the Hollywood field as an actress, comedian, musician, and writer.

Therefore using her mixed ethnicity skills in the Hollywood, she has managed to accumulate the total net worth of $1 million.

After meeting the man, she starts to develop feelings towards him, and since then she starts to see a different version of love with an utter new meaning.

Like the story, the rumor of the lady dating her co-star swept the media.

I gave it a shot and some of the interviews were funny and some almost touching but the whole thing was so pretentiously unpretentious pretentious and fake and unnecessarily long and "indie", that it really put me off.

General advice to those who want to see it - don't bother to see it.

On Star Magazine's report of them breaking up, she sets the record straight saying, "Someone sent me an article that said I was really sad. But he's actually in Toronto right now filming a movie called 'Scott Pilgrim.' So that's interesting [laughs]." Prior to Charlyne Yi's confirmation regarding the nature of her relationship with Michael Cera, both of them were believed to be dating.