The long-term effects are considered by some to lead to the wage gap between adult men and women in the workforce.

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That’s why I wrote, “Why He Disappeared.” As a male dating coach who specializes in helping women understand men, I have compiled all the answers for you.

The problem is, you can never get them from your ex.

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Do you remember what it’s like to be in an exciting new relationship? He talks about making vacation plans in the future. But if you’re anything like me, you’re constantly seeking the truth.

Sexual harassment is a civil rights issue because students’ experiences deprive them of equal access to education.

Gender bias in classrooms may also have a powerful effect on students’ perception of their future opportunities.

Gender equality is a concept that has only been introduced into our educational lexicon in the last century.

Title IX, the first federal legislation that disallowed discrimination in schools, was considered groundbreaking when it passed in 1972.

Fortunately, there is much that teachers and parents can do to combat gender bias and its long-term implications.

Awareness is the first step, as many adults unknowingly enforce gender stereotypes.

I’ve been in the exact same position and I wanted answers, too.