Chefoo—The Foreign Settlement—The Yellow River—Silk— Its Production—Taku Forts—The Peiho River—Chinese Progress—Floods In Pei-chil-li—Their Effects—Tientsin —The Sisters' Chapel—Condition Of The People—A Midnight Storm—Tung-chow—Peking—The Tartar And Chinese Divisions Of The Metropolis—Its Roads, Shops, And People—The Foreign Hotel—Temple And Domestic Architecture—The Tsungli Yamen—Prince Kung And The High Officers Of The Empire—Literary Championship—The Confucian Temple—The Observatory— Ancient Chinese Instruments—Yang's House—Habits Of The Ladies—Peking Enamelling—Yuen-ming-yuen— Remarkable Cenotaph—A Chinese Army—Li-hung-chang—The Inn Of 'patriotic Perfection'—The Great Wall—The Ming Tombs.

CHEFOO is a favourite watering-place for foreigners resident at Peking or Shanghai, for there bracing air and sea-bathing may be enjoyed during the hottest months of summer.

Confucius, too, was a native of the Shan-tung province, and so indeed was Mensius, his successor.

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He also piloted Ed-Force One, upgraded last year from a Boeing 757 to a 747 so we could go further and faster to visit some fantastic cities and fans all round the world.

This year continued that excitement bringing us our most successful North American and UK tours ever.

In many places the banks had been carried away, and an eye-witness has described the scene in the following words:* — *^For dreari- ness and desolation no scene can exceed that which the Yellow River here presents; everything natural and artificial is at the mercy of the muddy dun-coloured waters, as they sweep on their course towards the sea." But we shall see as we pass through Pei-chil-li, how these floods actually affect the people.

Thus, while a considerable extent of country suffers from the withdrawal of the great river from its old channel, parts of Shan-tung and Pei-chil-li come in for a superabundant share of its waters.

But this ancient guide to national prosperity, social, political and religious, when relied on by those who now-a-days control the helm of the Empire, is as untrustworthy as the compass of a man-of- war when the steersman makes no allowance for the influences of the iron plates and steel guns with which science has sur- rounded his needle.

And yet fain would the wisest Confucianists of the "Central Flowery Land" still rivet their fond gaze on their ancient books; fain would they guide their steps by the rushlight of a dim science and philosophy, lit by sages of four thousand years ago; and that though truth, like the sun in noonday splendour, is shining on the nations around.

Many of you will be in it as there is footage from a whole host of the places we played on this momentous tour.

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