These ideas have been promulgated by global elites such as Harvard Economics Professor Ken Rogoff, who is on record saying that negative interest rates will be needed in the next major recession or financial crisis, and that central banks should do more to prepare the ground for such policies.

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Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP), Universal Basic Income and Helicopter money may be needed as well.

And NIRP will not work if there are bank runs across the country. The Fed may soon control the degree in which interest rates become negative on your savings.

With only a handful of rate reductions before the Fed Funds Rate retreats back to zero percent once again, our central bank is desperately searching for new “tools” it can deploy to re-inflate the bubbles in which economic growth has become so dependent upon.

Simply adding to the debt pile that will be purchased by the Fed may not be sufficient.

And there will be nothing you can do about it except buy gold.

That is, if the government doesn’t ban its purchase much like it could with cryptocurrencies.

Then, after a period of comfort is achieved, shutting down the cryptocurrency exchanges, thus eliminating most of its liquidity. Both those measures would crush the value and utility of bitcoin, despite its decentralized attributes.

Since the currency aspect of bitcoin requires all purchases to use a public application, it can also easily be seen by government regulators.

You see, the Fed knows that the next economic crisis in approaching quickly and that it has very limited capability to fight cascading asset prices and plunging GDP growth.

This is because the Fed’s balance sheet has already increased by .7 trillion and the National debt is up trillion since the Great Recession.

In other words, banning physical dollars and all privately-issued cryptocurrencies and then impose a monetary system that is comprised of 100% electronic money, that is 100% controlled by the Government.