Although Samsung says it still supports 2009 products in 2011, the fact that this 2010 Blu-Ray disc still won't play is proof they don't. I paid a premium for a LN40B750 because of the "apps" feature. Since the governments want control over content and players this has lead to the fragmentation you are writing about. Bob I agree with you that it seems many corporations are unable to work globally -- they are able only to have global names with local and incompatible products and no cross-border service. I guess if they don't break you have to buy a new one.

Forget about it, 2 years later & still the weak original set of apps. Since millions of people live and work outside their home countries, this seems rather stupid, however, It would find themselves under fire from said governments. The electronic world of today, if it lasts a year that's all they want. One of the best French door fridges we've tested A good-looking fridge with useful features like an auto-filling water pitcher and a temperature-adjustable "Flex Zone" drawer.

updating samsung bd p1600 blu ray player-79

I recommend contacting the Samsung customer service center in your region for further troubleshooting and assistance.--HDTech Just applied the June 2011 firmware upgrade 2.17. It turns out that the player is BD-P1600XAC rather than BD-P1600XAA -- the Canadian version rather than the US -- therefore Samsung in the US won't support it. The problem is nothing new -- here is what Henry Thoreau wrote about it in Walden a in the mid-1800s: "Trade and commerce, if they were not made of Indian rubber, would never manage to bounce over the obstacles which legislators are continually putting in their way,"If a company was to try to get around the government's agenda, laws and more then you find they are usually thrown out.

I still get "This disc can't be played" when I try to play it on the BD-P1600. When I try to access Canadian Samsung for support, I am prevented from doing so (perhaps because I am in the US). Canada for example demanded that we have an office in a city of their choosing and many other rules. You seem to understand this and I read the REGION issues with the media which is something bigger than that player in pure dollars.-Samsung Plasma Tv and Dlu-Ray player all went belly up at 1 year old, within months of one another.

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By the way, this particular Blu-Ray disc plays fine on other players.

Unless you want to buy new electronics each year, stay away from Samsung.

This advanced technology takes DVD up-conversion to the next level with blu-ray-like video quality.

Via HDMI™ 2-way communication the DVD player identifies supported SAMSUNG HDTV's and the 2 devices automatically optimize picture settings for the highest quality DVD picture.

The user can then upgrade the firmware on their player to the new version rather than having the player serviced. column, click the newest firmware version available.