This is actually the second edition of the Axe; the original, which was replaced with a much sturdier version in 2004, was donated to the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend, Indiana.

Prior to that 2004 game, then-Badgers coach Barry Alvarez noted that UW had built a trophy case for the Axe. “That’s not good.”The Badgers beat the Gophers 38-14 that year and haven’t given back the Axe, which is displayed in a case in UW’s locker room.

And more than a few couples have walked away from the shoe slide holding hands, big ones and little ones. Turn back the clock nine months and the unlimited possibilities emanate from a cell — a primordial cell in the early-stage embryo that could become part of the kidney, the heart, the brain. No scientific discovery has put Madison on the international map more than human embryonic stem cells, first grown in a lab by UW-Madison researcher James Thomson in 1998.

The breakthrough came with its own unscripted path.

Ancient civilizations are defined by their artifacts. troops finally started to trickle back from a long war in Vietnam.

If Madison were suddenly smothered by a Mount Vesuvius, or swallowed up by Lake Mendota like Atlantis, what would future archaeologists conclude about us? It was there to mark the beginning of the career of the city’s youngest mayor.

So it changes annually but stays the same, too — a description that would fit most of its users.

Young lovers have been known to leave messages inside.

[Editor's note: Since this list was first published, the work on replacing the Orpheum sign has been completed.

The original text of our homage to the sign appears below, but the picture above shows the refurbished sign.]Give this sign some time.

When UW and Minnesota close the 2014 regular season on Nov.