If I had to pick a favorite it would be difficult to choose between Daniellekitten and evanslily.

Our favorite, we have discovered to our great delight, is the same for both of us.

I sometimes love to have Walt eat me out while I read a randy passage from a Lit story.

I've read story after story here on Literotica about wives who cheat on their husbands yet claim to love them and I see there are some (many? We both hold down pretty good jobs and our combined incomes allow us to live well and still save for a time when we will have our own family.

) of you out there who immediately claim she could never have really loved him. At the time all this happened, about ten years ago, we had been married four years but we lived together for four years before that.

He is Executive Vice President of Operations for the parent company and he often becomes involved in these in-service workshops.

He likes to meet and talk with employees at all levels to help him more fully understand what's going on, what the issues are and how the Company might deal with them.Walt likes "Erotic Couplings" as long as there are no cheating wives.He's among you guys who think a woman cannot love one man and lust after another. My strong feelings on this matter stem from the fact that I love Walt and I would never do anything that would hurt his feelings, yet there is a man whom I occasionally meet professionally and whom I sometimes daydream about fucking.Walt says the blowjobs he gets when he is reading Lit are "explosive".I like "Romance" stories and there are a lot of good story tellers in the genre on that site.She couldn't have or she would never have cheated in the first place. We planned to start a family in another two or three years, depending on how things were going in my career, as we agreed I would take a leave and be a full time mom, at least until the kids are in school. Walt can be romantic, he can be patient and understanding and he can sometimes "fuck my brains out" depending on our moods at the time.