Also, have you tried with a different USB than San Disk Cruzer?

disk write error updating partition table-30

command, on the other hand, seems to use a new ioctl called BLKPG, which might be better; I don't know.

(It also falls back on BLKRRPART if BLKPG fails.) BLKPG seems to be a "this partition has changed; here is the new size" operation, and it looked like I just expanded a dev under Ubuntu Server, this dev is a hardware raid.

The write completes near instantaneously, as if the image contents are never written. Install Libre ELEC, the result is again that for LE 7.0.3, and not 7.9.0. Write the 7.90 image again, and this time the install is that for 7.90.

Log files are in the attached zip: rufus.clean.703.log, clean install rufus.clean.703.partitions.log, partitions after clean install rufus.730.790.log, write 790 image on top of 703 disk That's because the progression is based on the compressed input rather than the decompressed output.

I know I'm not adding anything really other than [email protected], I've also noticed that sometimes even partprobe prints out an error that it didn't work.

Sometimes a reboot is the only option to be certain. This did not work for me because there were some directories still mounted with --bind.oracleasm is using /proc/partitions as the source of all scanning it performs.You must get your raw devices listed in /proc/partitions before you can do a scandisk. HOW SCANNING HAPPENS The scan proceeds in four basic stages. If disks were specified on the command line, this is the list.After the write the disk is no longer recognized in Windows, so I assume something was written, but not enough to result in a valid file system. Also, please be mindful that you are using an insider version of Windows (i.e.Speculation, maybe timing, maybe related to multiple partitions one FAT and recognized and one Ext4 and not recognized, maybe automatic drive letter assignment changes. This machine runs only built in Defender, no 3rd party security. BETA), and I am acutely aware, as has happened in the past, that Microsoft is no stranger to screwing their USB stack in these builds.The partition itself was already unmounted but the bind-mounts pointing to that partition were still there.