“Mm..” Laura furrowed her brow lightly as the pleasure continued to wash against her, confused in her moments between sleep and being fully awake as she writhed between the sheets.. Using her other hand she lifted the sheets up, eyes blinking wearily as she looked down through the tented sheets, over the swell of her breasts and the smoothness of her stomach to the two cute eyes looking up at her, like a doe caught in the headlights.Ash, looked up at her, gaze playful, his plush lips wrapped around her cock, rolling them slowly up and down her length, his tongue swirling around her, his cheeks caved in around the sensitive tip as he sucked, her hand now tangled in his hair.“Fuck..” she breathed softly, unable to sit still, arching her back as she writhed in pleasure. Using that he focused his efforts on those moments, almost living for the pulls and tugs against his hair, the assurance that he was pleasuring a woman as sensual and sumptuous as Laura outweighing any pain she wrought upon him. She felt her climax rise, her hard cock pulsing in his mouth as she gasped, a few muffled whimpers all he could muster in response around the girth of her shaft as she came, hot thick cum shooting in bursts into him, each burst filling his mouth with a streak of white heat.

“You deserved it, after what you gave me last night.” he smiled back, kissing gently at the silky smoothness of her shoulder. She couldn’t believe the pleasure she had given him had in any way matched that of her own, but she wasn’t going to say such. But it wasn’t this unnamed woman that had brought out this side to him using her raw attraction and desire. It felt oddly betraying to so easily let himself be passed on by her to a younger model. “You’re just nervous because you’ve never met her.. She had put so much planning and effort into making him hers, and while the actual chase and catch had been relatively brief, she had gone from wanting to merely slake her lust with him to genuinely caring about his future with his new passions. Once I've finished discovering who I am..” Laura raised an eyebrow curiously, pursing her lips as she looked down at him. Carried away.” He looked down at her admiringly, her golden hair splayed out on the pillow, she looked how he would imagine a fertility goddess would, though maybe his opinion was slightly biased, he wouldn’t be far from the mark. I’m going to get a water, I'm pretty thirsty.. She loved it when people looked at her like that, and it felt like it had been forever.

If he had enjoyed what she had done with him that much, she was only encouraged to do it again.. She thought she was too old for him, too passed her youthful prime. Laura waited a short while after he had left before standing herself, she still felt some of the familiar aches, possibly intensified from her night of passion, the stiffness in her hip which she often got in the morning, the soreness in her lower back.

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Laura felt herself lifted lazily from the arms of sleep, her body relaxed and floating on a small cloud of pleasure, her mind filled with images, sensations, not pulled from whatever dream she had just been having but instead, memories, memories from the night before.

To feel what he had felt last night, intimacy with her. He sucked tightly on the tip as his lips stroked and caressed the sensitive head. I’m..” she clenched his head harder in his hands, holding him in place, though she was sure he would stay in place regardless of whether or not she held him.

He closed his eyes and focused on his efforts, one hand caressing her soft thigh, the other gripping the base of her shaft, guiding it as he did his best to bring her to the heights of pleasure she had introduced him to. Feeling her squirm and wriggle under his efforts made him shiver, feeling her fingers tighten in his hair each time he did something really right.. She pushed her hips up and pulled his head down, forcing herself deep into his mouth, but not quite into the tightness of his throat, feeling the warmth of him engulf her, still using his tongue, still sucking.

The sun was already up, its beams piercing her windows and leaving white streaks across her counter top.

He peered out her back window, making sure there was no one around to see him in her kitchen, in only his underwear.

“Good morning Laura..” he said in a soft, innocent voice, closing his eyes as he breathed in her scent, feeling the warm comfort of her shapely body beneath his own slender form. Look after, a girl like you.” his expression became a naughty, playful smirk. It would be improper to set you out into this new world without… Did he not realise she would have a tighter figure, more energy, more stamina? “You’re no little boy Ash..” she smirked a little, laying on her side as he had, facing him so he could admire the way the bedsheets curved with her body. I’d kill for a cup..” she smirked a little watching him as he nodded, sliding from the warm embrace of the bed to stand, pulling on his boxer shorts from the night before and padding barefoot to the door.