Enjoy the honeymoon period for what it is - a really fucking exciting rollercoaster ride.When it starts to end and you've decided to stick with the person, talk.

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Once or twice every year, this woman will begin dating a new guy, post tons of pictures and status updates gushing over the dude and how she's finally found "the one", then gets pissed at anyone that points out she said the exact same thing last time. The honeymoon phase begins shortly after we make a cursory commitment to another person, even if that commitment is casual, nonexclusive dating. As a society, far too many of us seem to fall into two belief traps. The fact that there's ONE right person for any of us is, statistically speaking, absurd.

This phase is defined by the electro-chemical cocktail occurring in our brain, including: The result - we get weird, but in a good way. First, we assume that the target of our affection, based on the overwhelming strength of the feelings, is our soulmate... We have decent evidence that the honeymoon response increases as a function of genetic compatibility and is communicated unconsciously via pheromones.

At the most basic level, it's just not physiologically sustainable. It would literally kill us if we experienced it all the time.

We can get hints of the passion back after the honeymoon phase, but it takes a thorough understanding of how and why we experience both passion and intimacy.

If we choose to stick with the relationship, we enter into the "reality" phase. One day, one (or sometimes both) members of the couple wake up and realize their sexual needs aren't being met like they were during that first year or two of the relationship.

We continue to build intimacy, which often includes kids, a house, and all the other trappings of the American dream. Invariably, they ALWAYS seem surprised the honeymoon period came to an end.Shelly and I also know a few people via social media that repeatedly fall into the honeymoon trap. We get butterflies in our stomach and our palms sweat a lot.One woman in particular perfectly exemplifies this. No matter how many times the seemingly obvious pattern repeats itself, she always falls into the honeymoon trap. We think they're more attractive than they really are. We want to fuck their brains out literally all day and night.When they first got together, they set the honeymoon phase trap by assuming they would be the couple that proved everyone wrong.Their love was strong enough to maintain the honeymoon forever. They're beholden to the same relationship rules as the rest of us, but the expectations of a lifetime of unbridled passion ultimately results in serious disappointment.I hate being the bad guy and shooting them down so often, but they just won't give it a break with the constant smothering.