He avoids the subject of marriage to hide the truth.A married man always avoids public places because there are many people who might know him. But if you feel that the man you are dating is married, it’s better to be sure now, than to regret later.

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A married man wouldn’t discuss his friends too, because he wants to keep the relationship private.

If your boyfriend has given you just a single contact number, and doesn’t want to share other personal information, then something is wrong.

At Meriter Hospital, where Fedenia and Hughes work, the Mother Baby Hour is free to all new mothers, regardless of where they delivered.

You want to show an interest, but you don’t want to come on too strong.

It’s a delicate dance of text messages, talks over coffee, and if you’re lucky, a shared playgroup.

You’ve heard the saying misery loves company, right?

If you do decide to broach the often controversial topics, be aware that your way is not the only way.

Many hospitals and birth centers offer gatherings for new mamas, so when you’re on your tour, ask your guide for details.

Her recommendation: Show up a little early for group gatherings, and plan to stay a little late afterward.

Lindsay Pinchuk, CEO and founder Bump Club and Beyond, a social event company for new and expectant moms, and mother of two in Chicago, encourages new mamas to leave the house and spend a morning or afternoon in a coffee shop.

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