During my stay i was again subject to bondage and corporal punishment; i didn At the end of my stay, much to my disappointment, i was again returned home.

However, a month later, having sorted out my affairs and told everyone that i was going travelling, i arrived back at the home of my Lord.

Instead of fucking me, They used me as a bukkake girl with me naked on my knees as They stood around me.

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Certainly, my masturbatery fantasies centred on me being a sex slave in various scenarios or perhaps a pain-whore in a BDSM brothel.

But apart from my time with my Lord, i had limited and unsatisfying experience of BDSM.

My training began immediately; i was made to strip and kneel before my new owner and a steel collar was locked, snugly, around my neck.

my wrists were cuffed behind my back and a chain leash was clipped to my collar.

i was then led outside at the back of the house where i was made to watch as my belongings were burnt on a bonfire.

All that remained was a small bag containing toiletries and cosmetics, which i was told, would only be available to me on special occasions.s household staff watched.

Only the following morning was i allowed to shower.

In my final year at university, i was in a relationship with a man who exploited my submissiveness to pimp me out to His friends; and one of my Tutors.

though never drugs, or even tobacco (i did try smoking but it made me sick).

i have been sexually active since i was 16; very active while i was at university, where i had many sexual experiences with both males and females.

They all wanted a piece of me and i was happy to oblige.