Find out more Our 12-day Antarctic Peninsula voyage offers an abundance of wildlife-viewing opportunities as well as possible stops at active scientific or historic bases.

Find out more Discover the wonders of the Russian countryside aboard the elegant and original MS Volga Dream, as you cruise along the serene Volga River.

Enjoy easy access to the highlights of Moscow and St Petersburg - in time for the FIFA World Cup!

Explore the extraordinary Arctic landscape, glaciers and bird cliffs.

Being above the Arctic Circle you will enjoy the midnight sun, with long days and light nights.

Find out more A brilliant expedition that crosses the Arctic Circle and includes the isolated and pristine Wrangel and Herald Islands, as well as a significant section of the wild North Eastern Siberian coastline.

It is a journey only made possible in recent years, due to the retreat of summer pack ice in the Chukchi Sea.

Observe an abundance of wildlife and gain inspirational insights into this magnificent region from your dedicated and knowledgeable expedition crew.

Find out more This is a truly diverse expedition, with highlights that include spending five days in Antarctica before venturing into the Chilean fjords, seeing the rich wildlife of Patagonia and a visit to one of the most scenic national parks in the world.

If you are really lucky you’ll see the King of the Arctic; the polar bear. Both voyages last six days, where one or two nights are spent on land and the remaining days are spent sailing along the west coast of Spitsbergen.

Find out more Sail in the wake of the early explorers from Cambridge Bay in Canada to Kangerlussuaq in Greenland.

You will be met along the way by a Bentours chaperone, to ensure this once in a lifetime rail adventure is a journey of most epic proportions!