But it seems like an unofficial OS is now made available before the official release. A leak for this same software version is now available in net.

updating bold os-49

So you should have access to all the wanted information.

Once you have all the details close all other applications and run file. The phone will now ask you whether you want to install the available updates.

First of all the OS that is available in the net has to be downloaded in to your PC.

If the downloaded update is from a carrier that is not your present one then you will have to delete the software providers XML file before installing the update.

Instructions For Installation: 1) Install the *file you just downloaded.

Connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi network and complete the following steps: New versions of your device software will appear in the Settings view of Black Berry Link, if you installed Black Berry Link on your Windows or Mac computer.

If you’re not using Black Berry Link, make sure you check it out because in addition to updating your device software you can do the following: To find out more visit the Black Berry Link website, and if you have any questions pop by the Black Berry Support Community Forums to view the Black Berry Link discussion board.

On your computer using a website (Windows only) If you use Internet Explorer 5.5 or later versions of Firefox you can update your device online by visiting the Black Berry 10 Software Updates page.

Since this is an unofficial release, people have to be cautious while updating the device with it.

The process of updating the phones software is a bit long.

This can be done by accessing program files and Apploader via common files and research in motion folders.