If you are still having Windows update problems, try to turn off and on the Windows update function (Control Panel, Automatic Updates). To unhide: Tools, Folder Options, tab View, enable Display the content of system folders, enable Show hidden files and folders, disable Hide extensions for known file types and disable Hide protected operating system files.

Problems with Windows Update are quite common: already installed updates keep coming back after a restart or Windows Update shows an error message and refuses to go on.

Resetting Windows Update Before resetting Windows Update, it is necessary to stop the service Windows update temporarily, therefore right click this service and choose Stop.

After you installed the high priority critical updates, restart Windows and visit the Windows Update website again.

These updates can be massive, especially if service pack 3 is not installed yet.

Although it is not necessary, this folder can be used as back-up by simply renaming it to Software Distribution (in stead of deleting the folder).

After the folder Software Distribution has been renamed or deleted, the service Windows update can be started again by right clicking it and to choose for Start.

You can download (and install) the Service Pack files directly from the Windows Update site or download the Service Pack file first from the Microsoft download centre (

You can directly install the latest service pack, there is no need to install the previous service pack's!

Many of these problems can be solved easily by resetting Windows Update!

This will delete the update installation files and the update history and restore the update function.

You will find updates for the Media Player, Outlook Express, Direct X . After you installed the optional Windows updates, reboot and check the Windows Update website again until all needed optional and all critical Windows Updates are installed!

You are also able to download updated drivers for the hardware.

By visiting the Windows Update website, you will have two options: It is very important to install all the critical updates.