And one of the producers said to me "boy, we thought you were a casting mistake there for a second, because you didn't say anything." Did that make you sink inside, when you heard that? Was it something that you appreciated as a child, or was it something that made you feel pressured?

Katrina Campins: In high school I would say that we fought like cats and dogs. So then her voice became your internal voice as you got older. I actually just convinced her to come and work with me at the company, and it's really scary how much I resemble her.

Our phone meeting began as a comical game of telephone tag. What drove you to get your real estate license at the age of 18?

This served to break the ice, and when she apologized for it, I felt a sense of relief, as if the playing field had been leveled. You could have just kicked back and enjoyed your college experience, and not had to worry about the business world quite so soon.

Katrina Campins: I would say she (Omarosa) was media savvy. Troy had all these canned sayings that he knew would get him to be America's Golden Boy. After Ereka was gone and Heidi was gone and a lot of people I got along with were gone, I no longer was really passionate about it and that's when I felt that I would have to become someone that I'm not in order to win the game. So, I really didn't put up too much of a fight towards the end. " Katrina Campins: I would say it's something that you feel inside for something that you do, and you're having fun doing it and you don't realize that money's coming in because of it. I'm the only Latin person who's ever been on one of Donald Trump's shows, and I spoke Spanish on the show, but it was never shown. I'm Jewish Katrina Campins: Oh my god, you don't understand! But aren't you guys surrounded by so much Latino culture in Miami? People in the Latin [community] don't think I'm Latin at all. When did you and your husband, Ben Moss, get married? Well you got pretty far Katrina Campins: I remember when I left, the producers were screaming at me like, "why didn't you fight?! I did very well financially thru real estate but, it was unbelievable Sometimes I would forget to cash my checks. Now it's important for the cash to be coming in to build the company. Yeah, I never saw it mentioned, ever, that you are Latino Katrina Campins: People always think I'm American, it's so funny. First of all, I told my mom I was gonna convert to Judaism, and all her friends are Jewish. Katrina Campins: We got married August 14 here in Miami, actually at one of Trump's buildings, and we'd been dating since I was 16.

During our lengthy conversation, I discovered a young woman who is extremely bright and almost too driven for her own good. Katrina Campins: It's interesting because most of my friends, I would say, had the whole college experience.

I also found her to be very sweet and vulnerable, a quality that I didn't see on The Apprentice. And I can honestly tell you that I didn't because I spent most of my time in the library.

" Because I went to the audition and I was very outspoken, but when they put me in an environment with so many type A personalities, my defense was to just shut up.

I wish I had continued to shut up, because I think it would have been better in the end. Do you think that the other cast members, including Omarosa, came off the way that they were in person, or do you think it was the magic of editing that created a lot of those personas?