Atleast, the minimum requirements for the game along with a good RAM is a must if you do not wish to face Wo W: Lag during the game.The ultimate solution to your Wow Lag comes down to having the ultimate lag reducing app Kill Ping.

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This is because of the network route that data packets create between the client and the server.

Having a lengthy route means a delay in response times and therefore Wo W lag is experienced.

In terms of World of Warcraft, commonly called wow lag is the delay you experience when playing the game.

Higher world latencies result in a delay playing the game and this is more than just frustrating.

Furthermore, the usual route that game packets take are those through which all data traffic is being communicated.

A route which has more traffic to transfer tends to create delays and hence Wo W lag becomes obvious.

It lets you play your Realm on console (for example), hop off, then pick up where you left off on your phone!