Tabloidy footnote: In 1994, Joni Mitchell revived old wounds with her acidic song “Not To Blame,” reportedly a takedown of her ex-paramour that included what listeners thought were bitter references to Major and their son Ethan (“His mother had the frailty you despise/And the looks you love to drive to suicide”). Signature Tracks“Your Bright Baby Blues” – Little Feat chieftain Lowell George contributes a crying slide-guitar solo to this barroom lament with gospel underpinnings.

Some of his most acclaimed works include ‘Somebody's Baby’, ‘These Days’, ‘The Pretender’, ‘Lawyers in Love’, ‘Hold Out’ and ‘Running On Empty’.

He began his musical journey with the mature band ‘Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’.

From the ominous opening chords of “The Fuse” to the closing prayer for “The Pretender,” Browne evokes the burnt-orange haze of Los Angeles at dusk, when the sun has gone but the sky is still lit up like a kiln and the hills morph into giant dark shoulders. A.’s contradictions: The front cover shows Browne on a downtown street (it looks like Broadway), his spotless white tee the only thing distinguishing him from the gritty frieze around him; the back cover shows Browne’s son Ethan frolicking innocently in the Pacific surf, framed by a translation of Pablo Neruda’s “Brown and Agile Child.” Like all of Browne’s albums from this period, the guest musicians are a who’s who of denim-clad, countrified Cali rock: J. Souther, David Crosby, Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash, David Lindley, Don Henley, Lowell George.

The Aftermath Apparently, resonated with Jerry Ford’s America, reaching #5 on the Billboard album chart and spawning a couple of moderate radio hits.

(The hit single “Here Come Those Tears Again” was co-written with Nancy Farnsworth, Major’s mother, before the album was recorded.) Even more poignant are the twin reflections on fatherhood: In “The Only Child,” Browne speaks to his own son (“And remember to be kind/When the pain of another will serve you to remind”) while addressing his own distant father in “Daddy’s Tune” (“I don’t know why it was so hard to talk to you/I guess my anger pulled me through”).

Local Color“Despair was ubiquitous in Los Angeles in 1976,” wrote Barney Hoskyns in his book .

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By his 20th birthday, the baby-faced songwriter had already been linked romantically to chanteuses Nico, Joni Mitchell, and Laura Nyro; by age 23, he had three critically acclaimed solo albums, a couple of radio hits (“Doctor My Eyes,” “Rock Me on the Water”), and stars like Ronstadt, The Eagles, The Byrds, and Joan Baez clamoring to record his songs. After an ugly breakup with Mitchell, Browne met the beautiful but troubled model Phyllis Major.

That is far from the case for many people, but they dare not say it at the time. Since her career was kick-started again four years ago with Kill Bill, Hannah has been in a dozen films and finally seems comfortable with her winning streak.