I would like to thank everyone who has loved and appreciated my work.

I will keep doing my part and you guys keep appreciating and loving me.

Being an elder son, my Dad wanted me to support and carry ahead his business.

He used to feel embarrassed to speak openly about the career choices I made.

In Bollywood, I would say I just love the way Ranbir Kapoor dances.

It's not only about his style of dancing but he is a very professional actor with amazing work ethics. From Hollywood, it cannot be anyone other than Michael Jackson.

In fact because Remo Sir knows me so well, it becomes very easy for him to catch hold of my mistakes.

Thus, I have to put in more efforts accordingly so that I don't disappoint him and perform flawlessly.

After achieving a peak score, there is fear of downfall.

So every week I have to think creatively and make my partner perform flawlessly.

After Jhalak gets over, Remo sir has one more project to complete in his list.

So probably, he'll start working on ABCD's sequel by this year's end.

After DID season 2, Remo Sir gave me a chance to assist him and therefore my skills were highlighted. He gave me plenty of opportunities to work and gain some good experience.