Tonight’s premiere opens at Scheana’s birthday party, which, for no discernible reason, is a masquerade ball.As often happens, the drama at the party is surrounding Jax and his wandering eye and wang.She’s also wearing a crop top in her interviews, which, for core -ers, might be an homage/Easter egg to her iconic two-piece wedding dress.

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I keep finding myself going to the bathroom and sobbing.

My boss posted on our Facebook page about how “proud” he was of all the women who’ve been sharing their stories and I almost lost it.

I mean she does talk about bashing in Jax’s balls but that feels almost Victorian after what has happened in previous seasons.

A very upset Brittany is not having it and is taking the dogs with her if this is all true about Jax!

Most disturbingly, this reveal came at the ’s shindig.

So finally we catch up with the beginning of the hour and the goat cheese balls hit the fan at Scheana’s party. Jax denies the sorta-ménage-à-trois with Faith and the senior citizen.

I’m feeling really grossed out by all of the men who seem to have never realized that this was a thing until now.

I understand why people would want to post, but it just makes me furious.

I know you can’t turn social media off at work, but I hope you can set times throughout the day where you allow yourself to take a break and either reach out to a friend for support or just take a few minutes to be quiet and not absorb further stories of trauma.