But at the same time I am making it relalistic in that if you make bad choices that there will be consequences in which the relationship can suffer harm but things can be worked out.There is one thing that is making it hard for me to write.

so the game is more about experiencing different things in a relationship and NOT about trying to do the right things to make them like you although like I said if you are a jerk then break up is possible.

there also could be options of making your PC not very likable to the NPC and they end up pity dating you but then the relationship might end up growing and turn into something more. Most games follow a set plot, but plots vary dependent on certain actions, and things change- lacking that is what I'd be concerned about. I feel a lot more motivated now XD I guess the way I am handling plot right now...(since there has to be some kind of plot) is to make certain things come up depending on the personality of NPC and their life as well as the PC's life and such and then you decide how to react to it and therefore changing the relationship dynamics.

Hello All, I am currently developing a Dating Sim game in my spare time (when not working on Quantum Flux) and have now put a working prototype up.

A link to which can be found on my kickstarter campaigns latest update: But here are some images from the prototype: Artists are working on better images to replace some of the placeholder ones currently in the prototype. Maybe because it's not like the 99% other games that are based around killing?

The problem with this is that I feel detached from the PC making it hard for me to feel connected to the story and not as interested in writing it ....

I still plan to finish it this way since I know people like to make their character their own but in the future would people be opposed to a story that has a PC that has a set personality for the sake of depth ??

but now that my album is almost done, I am wondering if I should go back to making my games...

My ideas are for dating sim games in where the main character is a girl (male versions possibly made later) and the story is centered around dating one guy in which many things might go wrong.

If it remained solely linear, however, probably not.

I guess to an extent it would be linear as far as certain things coming up (since it's impossible to make a game 100% not linear) but also in a way not linear since only certain problems might come up depending on choices you make.

Although I would imagine that it would take awhile to create expressions for each character.