How do you reconcile all of these things in your special head?

'Back at the hotel GG lay down for the ink work.'It feels like my vagina is being stabbed. ' she said.'That's what I was trying to tell you,' said Destiney.

I belong to caste A, my boyfriend belongs to caste B. None of our parents are OK with an inter-caste marriage. Our parents take the reactions of their relatives and neighbours way more seriously than our feelings. Not happy, but happier, than making any other choice. People facing pressures from their parents are usually young people just starting out in their careers.

They’re telling us about the loss of face in their respective societies that they’ll have to suffer if this marriage happens. We want to marry with those precious blessings only and we’re ready to wait till we get them. Will it not make you unhappy to irk your parents by marrying against their wish? Will it not make you unhappy to say goodbye forever to the person you love? Be selfish and choose the option that makes you the least unhappy, and then let go. In most cases they’ve either not started earning, or are still financially partly dependent on their parents.

Over drinks MJ told her friends she expected this would be her last trip as she planned on getting pregnant when they returned home.'The fact that this is the last hurrah every time you have a drink is getting kind of old b****,' said Reza.'I want you to have a baby in a month, I want that for you, but how realistic is that? Reza asked her why she wasn't planning a wedding and MJ told him that she wanted to get pregnant before she tied the knot.'Now you want to do exactly the same thing that Asa did,' said Reza.

MJ then told them that if she could not get pregnant she would not marry Tommy, complaining that he smoked around her dogs, ate hard candy at midnight and loved the New York Mets.

Reza told the cameras that MJ would always have issues in her life.

When they got in from a long night out the group broke into GG's room and woke her up so they could see her tattoo. The next day the group drive 90 miles to the Dead Sea and over lunch pregnant Asa told the cameras she had not forgiven MJ for calling her baby a 'bastard child.''That is f***ed up,' she said before confronting her about it in front of their friends and telling her the phrase was 'possibly the ugliest thing you can say to a person.'MJ denied she had said that about Asa and claimed she had been talking about herself.

In the end she shared with the group that she was having a boy to cheers and applause.

MJ told the cameras that she was suspicious that Asa was now having a boy with Jermaine.'Asa is a fraud. Reza grew emotional as he told them how much he wanted to be a part of his father's family and how happy he was for his friends to take the journey with him to Israel.

The woman and her son claim to be in love with each other and now they want to take their relationship to the next level and get married considering that the mother, Betty Mbereko (from Mwenezi in Masvingo) is now six months pregnant and expecting her son’s child, and her grandchild.

She confirms that she is six month pregnant and that she has decided it is better to “marry” her son because she does not want to marry her late husband’s young brothers, whom she says are coveting her.“I know my father died before he finished paying the bride price and I am prepared to pay it off,” he said.

' GG asked the group.'I want more Asa in my life.''There's certain things I won't give you,' Asa fired back.