As peace and quiet slowly returned the 18th and 19th centuries witnessed the development of farming and shepherding, initially on small tenanted farms which gradually merged into bigger ones and ultimately into the College Valley Estate that is here today.To help you appreciate this wonderful place we've devised a Valley History Trail which highlights the many places and things for you to see and enjoy.

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They constructed wooden round houses – some on hill tops – to live in and led a more settled life than their nomadic forebears.

They in turn were followed by the Iron Age settlers (800BC-AD79) who were the architects of the impressive hillfort settlements we see today though some may merely have rebuilt over Bronze Age foundations.

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Amid the beautiful scenery of the College Valley a wealth of history, some dating back thousands of years, is just waiting to be explored.

The lovely thing is it's an amazing blend of ancient and modern; so if tumbled remains of hillforts and ramparts don't appeal, or you want something a little more relaxing, there are other interesting sites and places to see which don't involve climbing hills.

Looting, pillaging and violence were the order of the day in this poverty-stricken community.

With its close proximity to the Scottish border the College Valley was certainly not a comfortable place to be in those days.

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