Although the site doesn't specialize in femdom, dominatrix, or fetish, they do have some great performers in those categories.The girls found here are very experienced and know the right way to abuse you.

Dominatrix chat room for free-65

This was the first cam site I joined about 5 years ago.

I met some amazing mistresses here; many are still on the site.

Clear and mean are the mistresses on dominatrix stream, they all seem to have anger issues.

For me girls with anger issues are a must, screaming at you through live webcam will make your heart pound.

Every time I visit the site there’s a lot of familiar faces.

For a lot of people in the femdom community this has been a gateway site for online cams.

All Performers listed here are real dominatrix's, performing on live cam networks.

All sexual exchanges are between two willing parties both being over 18 years of age.

Listed next to the sample feed is a list of all the mistresses currently online ready to dominate.