This set of ten different Ynysybwl Co-op tokens, including eight copper or brass tokens denominated between ½ Pence and 2 Shillings, and two plastic bread tokens.

These tokens have been offered on e Bay for to each!

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Gold mining started in Kilo about 1905 and in Moto about 1911. In the 1950's it was one of the largest gold mines in Africa, employing some 19,000 locals.

The company was formed in 1926, taking over the mining in both areas. After Congo's independence in 1960 output declined severely.

You can get these tokens the easy way - ordering them from us, or the hard way - go to prison and earn them yourself. At one time it was feared that Leprosy could be spread by contamination of money.

In 1901 Colombia issued the world’s first Leper colony coins for use in their leper colonies in order to prevent the "contamination" of its money supply.

the name was later shortened to Ynysybwl Co-op Society, Ltd.

The society provided a wide range of goods and services to members, including groceries, household goods, hardware, travel agency cafeteria, building, painting and decorating services, ladies hairdressing, toys, TV and radio repairs, footwear, optical services, funeral services, sports and educational classes, though today the range of those services has been greatly reduced.

Anyone posessing the tokens on the outside would ge greeted with suspicion.

The tokens have now been largely supplanted iwht more slphisicated bookkeeping systems.

Today these items are quite scarce as few were saved.