Because we are all about keeping it “real” here at The Dating Divas, quick story!

This fun-filled game will get you talking with your spouse.

We have included a variety of serious, silly, and thoughtful questions for new parents!

Remember those freezer meals you prepped before your delivery? Before I had my baby, I canned a bunch of spaghetti sauce and stocked up on pasta noodles!

IT SAVED MY LIFE and definitely came in handy during our at-home date nights after the baby!

If you are looking to create a similar accordion album to hold your treasured memories, you will need A7 envelopes.

Glue the top flap of an envelope to the back of another envelope ( I used double stick tape to reinforce the envelopes).

It was just a normal Fourth of July, and both Billy and Kelly attended Cheryl Burke’s get-together party at her rented Malibu beach home.

Things were not spiced up until the couple was seen freckling in the ocean with Kelly wrapping her arms around Billy.

Simply grab a couple pens and fill them out together!