Stating Action : Action : Set Live Update Settings. Configuring Live Update Stating Action : Action : Start Services_CM. Stating Action : Action : irb Ext Backup Dat Files.9DDC0E81_9620_4441_B4F7_FD077F55D6D2. EXE; Symantec Email; C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\cc App.exe; Property(S): CRLF =Property(S): Msi Reboot Action Scheduled = 3Property(S): Restart Services.

Stating Action : Action : i Ext Delete Backup Dat Files.9DDC0E81_9620_4441_B4F7_FD077F55D6D2. B20121BB_4581_4D1A_9151_0BAA265253EF = Wlansvc, Eap Host Property(S): Product To Be Registered = 1Property(S): Msi Filter Reboot Mode_Reboot At End Mode Before = 1MSI (s) (5C: F0) [:698]: Product: Symantec Endpoint Protection -- Installation operation completed successfully.

You need to deploy Symantec Client Security or Symantec Anti Virus with a current set of virus definitions.

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Stating Action : Action : Update Enc CCVer_Rol.18376EA1_A7B1_41ED_A75C_CD6FAB0434AA. Stating Action : Action : Disable Cancel Button_IF.

Stating Action : Action : Update Enc CCVer.18376EA1_A7B1_41ED_A75C_CD6FAB0434AA. Stating Action : Action : Set Reboot Message Just Internet Email Needed Argument. Installing MSI package (-302 seconds)Installation of the MSI package failed Mon, MSI result 8DAC4002Mon, processing of package is complete, result -1918091262 (0x8dac4002 - code 16386) ----------------The symantec file found in C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient did not contain visible errors. MSI (s) (5C: F0) [:698]: Product: Symantec Endpoint Protection. The installation or update for the product required a restart for all changes to take effect.

See Symantec Knowledgebase ID 2005041514162248 “Symantec Anti Virus 10.0 installation walk-through for administrators” for detailed information.

We check to make sure that no one’s logged in before we run this (by checking for a registry key that only exists when a user’s logged in) because this removal process can take some serious time.Delete the directories that do match the current applied definition file date \ version information from: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Virus Defs \tmp*.tmp\ \.xxx\ Delete the *that do not match to the currently applied pattern version from: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition.5\ Delete the *directories that do not relate to the currently applied pattern version from: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition.5\I2_LDVP. b6e8bd4fbec98 --- Download song maine socha tha aaj main na piyun _ Download mp3 suara gendang di preman pensiun .The Log file within Landesk contains the following: ---------------------------------------------Stating Action : Action : Remove Settings Migration Files_Com.03FE01CF_295E_4354_A292_7DC4A810E0DA.Stating Action : Action : Force Free Unused COMLibraries_User.18376EA1_A7B1_41ED_A75C_CD6FAB0434AA. Stating Action : Action : schedule BBReboot.0723A1DC_DEB6_4A50_874F_3A2D2C99A1C1.I use (from Symantec’s nonav) and (from Sysinternals) to hopefully kill the various processes.