Besides the things put in place to prevent spoiling of the show, Buerge was also not allowed to wear clothes from his own wardrobe while on and even in public appearances; the producers of the series had signed away his dressing rights to Alfaniーthe clothing brand of Federated Department Store Inc.

Because of this, Buerge was often seen spotting the company’s signature cashmere sweaters and dark leather jackets on the show and in events; in reality, the former bachelor had said that he usually prefers wearing normal jeans and sandals.

Although the former bachelor was initially reluctant to go public regarding their separation, he eventually agreed to open up about the relationship to media sources under the request of Eksterowicz, who had begun to feel “hounded” by the situation.

Created by Mike Fleiss, is an ABC dating reality series in which a single manーthe bachelor, is presented with a pool of women as possible relationship interests from which he is later expected to select and propose to a winner; each episode, the bachelor eliminated a candidate from the group by presenting a rose to the ones he wanted to remain on the series, and the opposite for those whom he felt did not share a chemistry with.

The beginning of the show typically takes place in a large mansion known as the “Villa De La Vina”ーa six bedroom, nine bathroom home in Agoura Hills, California.

Born on April 22, 1974 in Butler, Missouri, Aaron Grant Buerge is the son of Alden and Kathy Buerge.

He is the oldest out of three children and has two younger brothers named Brandon and Justin.

He also had to watch the series every week to know exactly where he was in his “life” so that he wouldn’t spoil anything in his ongoing interviews.

In order to prevent slip-ups, producers of even went as far as forbidding Buerge from seeing or contacting his girlfriend, although to be fair, they did set up and organize and special phone-line which allowed the two to talk to each other; they also offered them the opportunity to go on out of country, weekend trip.

As its name implies, the show revolves around a single manーa bachelor, who is surrounded by a number of possible romantic interests from which he is eventually expected to choose a wife from.

Throughout the season, the bachelor eliminates a candidate every week until a final candidate is left, with whom him he will ultimately propose to.

Despite these less known facts, The The twentieth season of the series recently finished this March; so far, the show has spanned a total of 20 seasons, through a stunning 205 episodes.

Despite Buerge and Eksterowicz’s successful proposal following the reality series, the two later called off the engagement after five weeks of being togetherーsending shockwaves across the world.

Shortly afterwards, he enrolled at the Clensom University in South Carolina; after having studied for a few years at the institution’s campus in Italy, he later earned an MBA in International Finance.