Former commercial insurance exec, designer, contractor, music director church and school., improvisational pianist. LOOKING FOR: Acquaintances, companions and friendship which I value first and foremost.I write music, poetry, motivational pieces, small musicals, personal trainer: ENFP Ptnr is Masters student in Art/design. Let's start by being friends and then take it from there.

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Best of all, this entire gay community is built with new men in mind.

Unlike other "free gay dating sites" that are unfortunately loaded with fake profiles or rely on automated messages designed to lure you into setting up your profile, only to discover that the site is actually unusable without purchasing a premium membership, Daddyhunt lets you use almost everything without ever charging you a penny!

At this point in my life I value intellect, humor, kindness, and fun over just a simple toss in the hay. Would like to meet someone who wants a meaningful and loving relationship, not just for quick sex.

While I like sex as much as the next guy I'm primarily motivated by establishing a more meaningful connection, from ... I'm single and would like similar but younger looking for the same - and is dog friendly (I have a westie). My interests are pretty normal, like theatre a lot, much prefer opera, classical & musicals to pop, cinema and boardgames and more.

If you are older say up to fifty years old, I can do that too, but hopefully you will not be so needy, my god man, you are all grown up!

I like my men and young men to be trim, in good or even better shape, let the hair on your body grow it makes you more of a man, but think about a nice business haircut on top, long hair ...

Silver Daddies are finally getting our due from the online gay dating community.

After all, just because there's snow on the roof, doesn't mean there's no fire in the furnace, as the old saying goes.

The eyes, the smile, the nasty look, the connection deep inside is where eroticism begins. Also, I do like to C2C as this IS the internet and I like verifying who I am ... Sometimes like role-playing like coach/jock, teacher/student, Dad/good boy, bad boy. Therefore open to genuine intimacy with select others. Willing to get to know who you are, things you like to do, and be your best friend. This may be a wild goose chase here, but the profile is genuine. Not a sugar daddy, but I offer the right young guy a mix of hot sex, good times - and real, fatherly affection.

Being able to converse makes for great company and a more complete experience either as friends or "buddies". Read More I'm looking for a younger guy who is into being versatile or bottom, or wants to learn more. Outside of bed, I like an intelligent guy who's interested in learning more. Creative, expressive, sensual, intelligent, spiritual, passionate and high-energy guy. Love outdoors, naked sun worship, biking on the beach or in the city, cooking, ... Love people of all kinds to talk to, and do things with. Updated August 2017 Looking to meet men that live in the City of San Francisco, the Bay Area or to meet tourist for fun tours who are visiting San Francisco.

With tens of thousands of men wanting to date a mature gay man - appreciative of the wisdom, intelligence and experience that only comes with age - silver daddies finally have our choice of men to suit our desires within the most welcoming community for openly gay men dating, whether you're looking for someone your own age, older, or want to be the a mentor in a new romantic relationship.