Her performance made her receive several awards during the course of time including Prosecutor of the Month.

Kimberly has been an embarrassment for a while now.

Kimberly Ann Guilfoyle, popularly known as Kimberly Guilfoyle is an American cable news personality and a legal analyst who is currently working for the Fox News Channel.

is currently single as she was divorced with her ex-husband Eric Villency in the year 2009.

Kimberly had been through marriage two times in her life.

Guilfoyle had also studied at Trinity College, Dublin in Ireland for her research study in International children’s rights and European Economic Community Law.

joined Fox News Channel in early 2003 as a host of the weekend show, The Line Up.

In 2005, Kimberly filed for the divorce citing bi-coastal marriage from Newsom and was divorced in 2006.

In the same year, she married to furniture heir Eric Villency.

She currently appears as a weekly guest on the Kilmeade and Friends radio show and also on The O’Reilly Factor’s recurring segment, “Is it Legal? started her career in television media in 2004 working for Court TV on the show Both Sides as a host.