I definitely think the point about creating intimacy is true.

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So now, as a happily married and monogamous person, I can still see that happening within me at times and I just answer myself with “Oh this is that thing.

I react this way to this type of sentence/sentiment.” Joanna, You’ve hit on something really interesting.

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One of the most interesting couples I ever heard about was when I first started in private practice, I saw the woman and she told me that she and her husband both knew they loved one another and they wanted to build a life but previously, their respective relationships failed because they wanted a lot of alone time. They each had their own sides and they had a son who had bedrooms in both houses.

Sometimes they slept apart, sometimes they had sleepovers at one another’s side and they had all kinds of traditions and routines for staying connected.

To build it consciously and not feel that some magical force is dictating its direction.

Recognizing a love that doesn’t feel like mystical swirling forces being in charge, I think, requires one to be self-aware enough to know where they are vulnerable and why they have – or even that they have – a tendency to be swept away by certain personality traits in another, or even by certain actions.

My gut instinct is that if the two people answer the questions with equal openness, they could find love and compatibility.

I do think that the choice to enter that experiment made it not really objective.

She reported being happier in marriage than anyone she’s ever met. Her theory was that the idea of living with someone 24/7 and not monogamy was what was making so many marriages struggle.