ESM: Where did the term “boner pop” come from, and do you guys still think it’s accurate?

Or has it become too easy of a description for writers and interviewers like me to use?

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ESM: How important is the live energy of the band, and how long did it take for that to crystallize?

I.e., did it take a lot of time and effort to reach the point you’re at now, or did it take a lot of adjustments to be able to perform and have such a stage presence as you guys have now?

The Nude Party: Live energy is crucial to any band, especially with rock and roll music.

Our first shows were house parties in basements, which pretty much demands loud and raw entertainment.

Our first songs were ridiculously simplistic and repetitive.

I think we’ve grown as musicians and have been exposed to a lot more music since our beginnings.That was pretty much every night of that summer so when we all moved into a house together up in Boone it continued.ESM: Were you guys all in other bands before The Nude Party?Those basements were certainly our training ground and probably the wildest and most fun shows we ever played.I think really now the goal is trying to bring that kind of energy to a stage where were not naked playing to a bunch of our crazy friends.Shaun’s old band Carson was on American Idol, that’s worth a Youtube search.