Whether you already know, or just believe your child may have special medical needs, finding the proper medical professionals greatly enhances your ability to take care of your children.

Choosing a doctor: Location: if your child requires regular visits, you won't want to drive for hours to specialist.

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Determine whether previously approved disability accommodations, such as use of an assistive device in class or extended time on assignments, may be allowed in the Title IX process, but only if this does not give the student an unfair advantage.

Accommodations to consider include: Document the accommodations considered and taken, as well as the rationales for each decision.

It does not address whether a student’s alleged disability is a substantive factor in the sexual misconduct claim.

To incorporate reasonable accommodation into the institution’s Title IX procedures, schools should: Identify clear, prompt deadlines for providing medical information, evaluating that information, and interacting with the student, while maintaining flexibility for unique situations.

Demeanor: you want someone non-threatening (particularly to younger children) who is understanding towards special needs accomadations.

Insurance Help: Larger practices generally have more experience with expediting insurance procedures and being your advocate.

The evaluation and accommodation process may affect deadlines; consider adding “arranging reasonable accommodations” to your procedure’s reasons for extending the 60-day milestone.

If the institution confirms a disability, consult with administrators such as the dean of students, learning center advisor, or health center treatment providers (to the extent confidentiality allows) to identify appropriate accommodations.

Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA): --Schools must meet the needs of children with psychiatric problems.

No Child Left Behind --Schools must uphold achievement standards for children with disabilities.

Consult with counsel regarding how best to capture and preserve this documentation.