The first conversation lasted over an hour something that doesn't initially happen when u first talk to someone without meeting them. We have never really argued because he won't allow it. I am a Gemini woman, and at times I do have multiple personalities. This Libra man is shy and closed unless you can get him to break out and come out of his shell. ; D I (5-31, Female) recently began a pseudo relationship with a Libra Male (9-30) and oooooohhh my gosh. after each going to our respective corners for a coolout time, we came back together, and it has been smooth sailing since, with mutual respect playing a big part. I just think we needed that initially to feel each other out, and learn each other's boundaries. still in its infancy, our relationship is mainly sexual, but I am finding myself thinking and daydreaming of him more and more. We have lots and endless topic to talk and share...!! We met at a mutual friends birthday party and that was all she wrote.

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I haven't experienced this level of communication and openness before so it's a breath of fresh air. I'm a Libra man and I had a relationship with a Gemini woman. wheee :) Im a Gemini lady, dating my Libra man now for almost three years.

We just seemed to have this chemistry between us and seemed to be on the same wave length. My kids are grown and his are young from a late marriage. I think his kids come first and I can certainly understand this. I am a Gemini, and I happen to have found myself crushing on a Libra man. Our first date was over dinner and within 10 minutes of sitting down together we were both hooked. After 2 years of dating, we have been married for 5 years. When I get mad at him about something, which usually has to do with his children from his previous marriage (he spoils them! For the most part I am outgoing, and I just wanna get to know him better and see if we have a chance. we ended up sleeping together the first real "Date" night we had, but soon after we clashed. After dealing with the wild world of dating, we both had our defenses way up, but I think have since been pleasantly surprised at the equal partner we have found in each other. Our sex is fantastic, but the more we see each other and get to know each other layer b y layer, I see this relationship growing. and its true also, Gemini tend to get bored easily. Many times during our relationships, I have someone else beside him. Our chemistry ...mentally, physically and emotionally is so amazing and so natural. We can talk and laugh for hours without end effortlessly. We both desire the same things in life; love, marriage and family, What else can I say? I've never been so hap py and he clearly articulates that he feels 100% the same way.

Women can be attracted to men for different reasons, all the way from the silliest to the biggest reasons. And if it’s not married men, women also get attracted to men who are dating someone else. Most people say it’s the woman who’s the home wrecker, the one who has affairs with married men all the time.

But you wouldn’t say the same if you were that woman.

In some cases, a woman might just want to be good friends while the man spins his chance on the wheel of seduction fortune.

Do women fall in love with married men for sex or love? They admire others who can hold on to happy relationships and they envy them.

All the fun and no hang ups, so what if a relationship is shattered because of you, who cares? And in a few others, emotional support and concern turn to lust.

These women have affairs with married men because they can be in love with them without exactly having to commit to them. And women find themselves falling in love with a married man more often than not.

[Read: Money can buy happiness in love] And the fact is, they know he’s committed and will never come to them, and they love the guy for that one reason. And beyond that, a rich married man with real money can provide a lot more than a young hot man with penniless dreams.