Russian girl from fairy tales is loyal, wise, knowing, brave, compassionate, self-giving, shows unquestionable love.

She possesses the secret bonds to nature and she's protected by Supreme Energy.

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Russian classical literature and cinema has similar characters.

A woman is described in novels as feminine, intelligent, sacrificing, yet strong and courageous heroine having heart of hearts, inborn integrity, justice and stamina.

The result became a fancy and weird fusion of some valid information, some half-truth, rumors, dispute, guesswork, guesstimate and divination, misleadings and deliberate lies.

This is why we re-create from the scratch this site.

Please be advised that this is not "dating site" nor "dating personals site" nor "Russian mail order brides sites" in any way.

This is not "date single person" nor "free dating online" nor "friendfinder" nor any other sort of "matrimonial" or "marriage" sites either. We only offer information as we know it and show you some pictures. It is no use to distinguish Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus women as they themselves (most of them) do not feel a lot of difference from each other.

Russian women - scientists, such as Sofia Kovalevskaia, astronauts (Valentina Tereshkova, Svetlana Savitskaya, Elena Kondakova), are known throughout the world.

Russian women - movie stars, musicians, Russian ballet dancers, athletes, female-politicians and writers greatly contributed to the list of achievements of their country. We don't aim to idealize a Russian woman though, thus we would be posting information about disturbing tendencies and dangerous practices a foreigner can come across looking for a Russian bride as well as notorious stereotypes about Russian women.

Most Russian women help raise their grandchildren and support new family of their own children financially.