The website Lumosity gamifies intelligence training through animated exercises, and loyalty-based businesses like Belly use reward programs and badges to pull customers into affiliated restaurants.

And in a world where couples spend more time with their smartphones than each other, that’s no easy feat.

I’ve done my share of online dating and lived my share of online horror stories.

This post will help you avoid the most common online dating mistakes and save yourself time, money, energy — and perhaps a few personal counseling sessions. One of the best ways to assess your online dating prowess is to get feedback from the opposite sex, so that’s what we’ll do here. If something resonates with you or you have an anecdote to share, do so. Our goal is to give everyone the tools they need to do online dating well and maybe give those who’ve never jumped into the online fray the confidence to do so. ), photos of your bare chest and photos with your ex cropped out. If you’re a classical pianist who loves to cook, a photo of you in leather on a Harley may be funny to you and your friends, but we girls won’t get it. If you want someone with a hot body, just say so; that’s at least honest.

I’m going to lay down my top 10 online dating “don’ts” for the men (and thanks to my girlfriends who helped ensure I hit the most important and aggravating ones), and the illustrious Travis Williams, who met his wife online, will do the same for us ladies. So here we go (the items on these lists are in no particular order): Ten Online Dating “Don’ts” for Men 1) Don’t be lazy. Then we women can in good conscience reject you for being too shallow. I’ve seen very few guys online who really stand out.

Consumers respond very well to gamification in other sectors; businesses report increases in “engagement” by hundreds of percentage points when they gamify.

Using gamification, Kahnoodle wants to make maintaining your relationship automatic and easy—as easy as tapping a button.

It’s a Wednesday afternoon, and Kamakshi Zeidler, a 34-year-old plastic surgeon in Los Gatos, California, is explaining how to fill up a “love tank.”“If you do little things for your partner... And if you don’t, you’ll get signals that your love tank is almost empty. Both work long hours and have little time for spontaneous romantic gestures.

Zeidler and her husband Brendon form a satisfied, if busy, pair.

Kahnoodle’s “Kudos” service, which allows one partner to reward another for a romantic gesture, might foster an “exchange mentality,” a tit-for-tat view of interaction that can be harmful in romantic situations—exchange mentality is commonly seen in cases of date rape, for example.

Finkel also says relationships are supposed to be tricky.“Much of the benefit of doing considerate things is linked to the fact that those things required thoughtfulness and effort,” Finkel writes in an email.

The “love tank” Kamakshi describes is one feature of a “couples’ app” called Kahnoodle.