Lots of people are willing to pay well for object d'art and collectible or 'designer' items, so there is an opportunity to get a reasonable return for your time for many craft items.

Your income could be a good hourly rate, or you could regard it as a way to practice your hobby at minimal cost and with great satisfaction.

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Doing hand craft work from home can be enjoyable and can make you money - especially if you find a gap in the market.

People are looking for a special or unique gift and are often willing to pay extra for that special present that isn't available in the store.

Well crafted hand-made items can command a good price if they are unique and of a good quality.

Working from home producing hand craft items is more likely to produce a steady and useful extra income, rather than help you to get rich quick, but it can be a very interesting and satisfying way to earn a 2nd income.

Embroidery skills can be used to personalise gift items, or to embellish simple clothes and give them a unique look.

There are lots of resources online for the home embroiderer which cover sewing tips, techniques and 'how to' videos.

Working at home making any part-time craft-based income, you're unlikely to make a fortune unless you are very lucky, or very talented.

Your income will depend on a number of factors, such as the quality of your work, the demand for it and whether you work full-time or in your spare time around other commitments.

With the advent of e Bay and similar sites, it's simpler than ever to show your home made crafts and sell them anywhere in the world.

So no matter how unusual your product is, you're likely to find someone somewhere who wants to buy it!

If you're looking at buying kits to assemble or thinking of doing craft work for someone else, please take a minute to read this item on scams first as there are some dubious people out there.