After allowing the device to reboot completely, wait 60 seconds and the upgrade process will begin.

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Hit "Save" and navigate to "Call Settings" on the left.

We found that default dial plan did not allow the phone to work for most "real world" dialing as assumed by On SIP.

Now, the computer can see all incoming and outgoing packets from the unit.

Your PC should have a sniffer program like Ethereal (available for free download online).

The following instructions assume your phone has successfully booted and completed network configuration including obtaining valid IP addresses for itself, an IP gateway and DNS servers either via DHCP, manual or other means (refer to your phone's documentation) and that your phone is running with factory defaults.

Grandstream now allows public download of documentation and software at: very first thing you will want to do is set the firmware to the most recent available. The username and password will both be 'admin.' From there, navigate to "Maintenance" at the top and then to "Upgrade" on the right.Make your changes more quickly and hit "Update" to save them.If you find that you are at times unable to receive phone calls, your firewall may be blocking inbound packets.Legacy phone devices have a limited feature set and can only be supported up to a certain point by the 3CX Support Team - you may well need to contact vendor support directly for some matters.In this guide: Before provisioning the IP phone, the phone must be brought back to factory defaults, in case the device has residual settings of a previous configuration.The IP address of the phone is given on the main screen when the phone obtains an IP address.