The format prescribed below is in accordance with the Treasury Board Within the body of the text, volume numbers may be indicated by Arabic or Roman numerals or be spelled out. To ensure clarity, abbreviate second numbers according to the following principles.

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Note that numbers of four digits only (on either side of the decimal marker) need not be so spaced unless used in combination with other numbers of more than four digits.

The following examples illustrate the correct use of the space to separate triads of numbers: Omit the space in pagination, inclusive numbers, addresses, numbering of verse, telephone numbers, library numbers, serial numbers and the like.

A reference to $20 will be ambiguous to a non-Canadian reader and may be taken to refer to American or some other currency.

The Translation Bureau recommends the symbol Where the reader may be in doubt as to which conventions should be followed for writing numerical expressions, the safest course is to adhere to international conventions (see 5.09 Decimal fractions, notes 1 and 2).

In certain circumstances it may be advisable to write a .

Dollar amounts in different currencies should be distinguished from one another by some easily understood marker.

Except in certain adjectival expressions (see 5.05 Adjectival expressions and juxtaposed numbers) and in technical writing, write out one-digit numbers and use numerals for the rest. Thus, to avoid using numerals at the start of a sentence, rewrite /metric units, decimals are preferred to fractions.

Ordinals should be treated in the same way as cardinal numbers, . Normally, no number should begin or end with a decimal point.

The rules stated should, in most cases, be regarded as guidelines for general use that may be superseded by the requirements of particular applications. Although both commas and spaces are still widely used in Canada, recommends that, except in financial documents, a space be used instead of a comma.

Such a space is also to be inserted after groups of three digits to the right of a decimal point.

Numerical information should be conveyed in such a way as to be understood quickly, easily and without ambiguity.