There were several memorable You Tube videos in the original western swing style.

Hollander goes into a minor version of the tune, which is kind of neat.

Two I especially like: a nice Scruggs style version from Virginia picker Billy Wheeler, and a clawhammer version by Rick Hollander, from Kings Park, New York.

You Tube offers up a classic 1929 recording of one of the first country string bands, Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers, playing Soldier's Joy, and singing the lyrics (such as they are).

My banjo wasn't 100% in tune, and there is a lot of background noise, but it still puts across the tune pretty well.

Bob now plays with his banjo picking brother Dave, in a fine group they call Blackstone Valley Bluegrass.

The last video is a 1992 performance by a now disbanded western Massachusetts bluegrass band, Bear Acker and Billings Gap, with Jerry Oland on banjo, and Bob Dick on bass.

Country legend Merle Haggard, who was a lifelong fan and admirer of Bob Wills, covers San Antonio Rose in this 2004 concert from the Cheyenne Salloon and Opera House in Orlando Florida. This lesson looks at two new right hand back up patterns, using Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms to demonstrate.

On this video, from a Tonight Show performance in 2000, Tommy Duncan's vodal is covered by country singer Dwight Yoakum.

In order to accomdate Duncans' vocal range, the band modulates from D/A to Ab/Eb once the opening fiddle and pedal steel instrumental is over.

The first is a 1944 film of Bob Wills, which now features his vocalist Tommy Duncan.

The PDF file provides fingering charts for the first five measures of the up the neck break.