Technique of some South American featherwork (An- thropological papers of the American museum of natural history, New York, v. 1-17, 18 il.) [59b Comparison between old and modern examples of the art from examples in the museum's collection.

Recueil de documents et memoires originaux sur l'histoire des possessions espagnoles dans l'Amerique.

Catalogo razonado de obras an6nimas y seuddni- mas de au tores de la Compania de Jesus.

[56b A section deals with the laces of Latin America (p.

[56c Colonial and republican coins of most of the Latin American countries, in- cluding "juras y proclamaciones de reyes", military and commemorative medals.

81-86, 1 il.) [58 Description of an interesting example of colonial minor arts: the staffs of office preserved in Mexican colonial territory, from Oaxaca to New Mexico.

A second volume gives accessory details and textile designs; hand-colored plates. [55 An interesting discussion of the sur- vival of the pre-Columbian art in various places. The three Americas (History of feminine costume of the world. [56e A monumental work, indispensable for the study of Jesuit reports on the New World (1590-1773). Special exhibit of Latin American silver assembled by Mrs. Ensayo acerca de una mapoteca chilena 6 sea de una GENERAL WORKS 51 colecci6n de los titulos de los mapas, pianos y vistas relativos a Chile arre- glados cronol6gicamente.