Source: Reuters April 30 (Reuters) - Top climate experts and government officials from around the globe began a five-day meeting in Bangkok on Monday to discuss a draft report on how to fight climate change and how ...

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Charles Komanoff, an energy economist in New York, said the commercial market in climate neutrality could have even more harmful effects.

It could, by suggesting there's an easy way out, blunt public support for what will really be needed in the long run, he said: a binding limit on emissions or a tax on the fuels that generate greenhouse gases.

It is no surprise that it comes up because it is one of the most popular claims made by the global warming deniers.

Of course, those who've been paying attention will recognize that Gore is not wrong at all...

All 20,000 were gone within hours, sold at a fiver each to shoppers keen to prove that they could consume as fervently as ever and yet be green too.

The limits of such an approach was illustrated by reports that some of the bags were handed over in the conventional sunbed-orange carriers.

The alternative is a world without any carbon-reduction rules at all.

"I'm not a plastic bag" reads this week's must-have, a designer tote sold by the not-especially-designer Sainsbury's.

"Doesn't the relationship between CO2 and temperature in the ice core record show that temperature drives CO2, not the other way round?