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Kristen Manieri is the founder and editor of Date Night Guide, a site devoted to helping couples upgrade the fun and connection in their relationship.

A prolific freelance writer with more than 100 stories published in national and international magazines, Kristen lives in Orlando with her husband, Marc, and two daughters.

Our brains begin to wire for stability and consistency as the endorphin-producing novelty wears off.

This is all a normal and biologically natural part of any relationship.

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Scientists and researchers can easily chock this up to a host of physiological changes that occur when we bond.

Our body no longer needs to produce the cocktail of chemicals used to attract and land our mate.

Knowing this makes it no less of a total bummer, though.

I could physically prepare — lady parts pruned, lingerie on — and we could set the stage with candles, music, and aromatherapy. Four years later, our weekly rendezvous still stands.

Sure, it wasn’t the voracious screw-fest we’d once experienced, but it was sex nonetheless. Vacations, my period, visiting in-laws, holidays, the flu, business travel, and a host of other hurdles have all thrown us off track along the way.