The monster gets loose several times, and eventually falls in love with Frederick's wife, Elizabeth, who loves him in return. Watch At Monsters, Inc., the most important thing is scaring kids, because their screams power the town of Monstropolis.

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Desperate to get rid of their tormenter, The Perrons call on the Warrens to investigate. Watch In this scary flick, Bella Thorne plays a girl named Belle.

When she moves into a new house with her mom, her little sister, and her comatose twin brother to save money, they realize pretty quickly that the place is haunted AF.

Now Victor has to make a choice between his new Corpse Bride and his once-fiancé, Victoria. Ego, Ray, and Peter lose their research grants at their university and open Ghostbusters, and they soon find themselves investigating the possession and abduction of a woman who Peter was planning on going on a date with.

It turns out, ghosts aren't as rare in New York as people think.

In it, JLaw's ex, Nicholas Hoult, plays an unusual zombie who saves a living girl instead of eating her and their budding relationship might just be what it takes to bring some life back into their post-apocalyptic world! #SWOONWatch Frederick, the grandson of the famous mad scientist, inherits his estate and continues his experiments.

Instead of building a new creature with a "genius" brain, however, he accidentally uses an "abnormal" one.

is a Disney Channel Halloween classic in which three siblings who aren't allowed to celebrate Halloween run away with their Halloween-loving grandmother and discover that she's a witch from a town called Halloweentown! The Ghostface killer that reappears in the subsequent movies makes its first apperance in this movie, killing teenagers living in a small town.

A girl and her friends set out to find him, but not everone survives!

When he accidentally finds himself in Christmas Town, he decides to take over the holiday and kidnap Santa.