Strangely, it seems louder than all other podcasts too.

npr iphone app not updating-60

But lately, the morning & weekend episodes do not play for me correctly when downloaded through the i Tunes store.

I get the advertisement of the day, then a squeaky "fast forwarding" noise, and then the rest of the podcast is silence.

There have been other hourly news updates and those channels have left the episodes up for at least 24 hours.

Are that many people who update thei account every hour?

For example, the newscast for the past 4 days has been the exact same 5 minute summary just retitled.

Not quite as bad as when the previous iteration (the 7am news summary) was discontinued without notice but frustrating nonetheless. I have it setup to download the one most recent only.

I love that it doesn’t clog your feed up or storage by keeping older episodes in its system.

You can typically only download the most recent update of the hour. Don't know if it's overprocessed or overcompressed but there are a lot of audible artifacts in your NPR News Now podcasts.

If I listen to the same podcast through Stitcher, it is okay. For all those who actually work for a living, you save us all some time.

None of my other podcasts have this issue, so I presume it is a production issue with NPR so I am giving feedback. Who has time to watch the news for more than a few seconds? Well, NPR Hourly Newscast is just that, a podcast of the headlines and a small synopsis of the story. For the best use case, subscribe in i Tunes, set checking to hourly, and enjoy.

It's like having your assistant keeping you up to date on news affairs.