Then, he opens them, symbolically opening the Holy Sepulcher and announcing to the world that Christ is risen.

Throughout the service, the priest and his congregation exchange customary greetings - ‘Christ is risen! ’ The whole ritual leaves a lasting impression, and the crowd’s happy shouts pierce the night sky, soaring above houses and the usually still bare trees.

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Given the deep-rooted traditions in the Greek Orthodox Church, many members want to look for dating opportunities specifically with other adherents.

Here at Eligible Greeks, we cater to Greek singles who want to experience Greek dating with other like-minded individuals, including the faithful Greek Orthodox population.

For many Greek singles, the Greek Orthodox Church is a way of life.

Of the more than 20 million members of the Church, more than half of them live in Greece, and many other members have roots in the country and now practice their religion – and their cultural heritage – elsewhere.

On that day, or rather that night, when the Paschal Vigil and the procession take place, even those people, who usually never go to church and perhaps cannot sort out their relationship with God, make an appearance in church.

In some ways, Easter is the most egalitarian holiday observed by the Russian Orthodox because anyone who wants is welcome to participate in the procession around the church, holding a lit candle.Should you find that you want even more options, you can always upgrade to our Platinum Membership option.This will allow you to send and receive unlimited messages, as well as talk to other members privately using our Greek chat service.Each time when Easter falls on the same day for all Christian denominations — such as this year — it becomes an opportunity to demonstrate brotherly feelings, and everyone suddenly recalls the idea of Christian unity which is based on a common Gospel.By the way, most of Russia’s Protestant Christians — with the sole exception of the Lutheran Church — calculate the Easter date based on the Julian calendar, like the Russian Orthodox Church.We know that finding Greek Orthodox dating opportunities can be difficult, but with the world’s largest collection of Greek singles, we’re sure we can help you start a Greek relationship that could last a lifetime.