Emeritus Professor Peter Le Poer DARVALL, Fairfield, Vic.

For service to the law and judicial administration in Queensland, particularly in legal education and women's issues, to the support of a range of legal organisations, and to the community. For service to the community as a benefactor and supporter of a wide range of organisations, particularly in the areas of art, education and medicine.


Associate Professor John Andrew GULLOTTA, Huntleys Point, NSW.

For service to medicine through a range of executive roles with professional medical associations and as a general practitioner, and to the Italian community. For service to the indigenous population of north central Arnhem Land through the development and provision of culturally sensitive health services, particularly for men's health. For service to the community through support for a range of health organisations, particularly the Mental Health Foundation of Australia, and to the legal profession. For service to business and commerce through the development, introduction and adoption of new technologies in the logistics and materials-handling sector, and to industry training. For service to the legal profession and to the judiciary, particularly as the editor of the NSW Law Reports, and as a practitioner and educator. For service to business, particularly through a range of executive roles in the finance sector, to the promotion and development of rugby union, and to the horseracing industry. For service to nursing and to the community through concern for the wellbeing of patients in the public health care system, and advocacy roles to improve standards of medical care. For service to business through a range of executive roles in the finance sector, and to the development of financial planning and fundraising initiatives for cultural, medical and social welfare organisations. For service to wildlife conservation and management, particularly through contributions to the development of policies for sustainable international trade in wild fauna.

The Honourable Justice Geza Kim SANTOW, OAM, Sydney.

For service to the judiciary and to the law; to education, particularly in the area of university governance, and to the arts. For service to conservation and the environment in Western Australia, particularly through the protection of the south-west old growth forests. For service to business and commerce, particularly through promoting international trade and contributing to company and commercialisation development in Australia, to the community through administrative roles with educational institutions, and as a supporter of the arts.The Most Reverend Dr Peter Frederick CARNLEY, AO, Nannup, WA.OFFICER (AO) IN THE MILITARY DIVISION AUSTRALIAN ARMY Major General John Patrick CANTWELL, AM, ACT.For distinguished service as the Director of Strategic Operations for the Multi-National Force, Iraq. For distinguished service to the Australian Defence Force in senior command and staff appointments.For service to the community as an economist through the development of public policy, particularly in the area of microeconomic reform and regulation. For service to medicine and to public health through support for strategic health research and policy development, and as a contributor to the development of rural and remote health services and medical education programs, particularly in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities and regional Victoria. For service to medicine, particularly as a researcher and teacher in the field of respiratory pharmacology, and through executive and other roles in research-related organisations. For service to the corporate sector in leading the development of nationally uniform corporate law and financial market regulation, and to the arts through contribution to theatre. For service to university administration, to the civil engineering and construction industries, and to the community. For service to the law through a range of judicial and administrative roles with Victorian, national and Asia-Pacific bodies, and to education through the University of Melbourne.