These pictograms had their limitations, though, so over time other elements were added.

The new elements included alphabet-like characters that represented certain sounds, and various other characters.

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The city of Alexandria in ancient Egypt boasted a famous library filled with records and scrolls, but unfortunately, it was completely destroyed.

Vast amounts of knowledge — of history, literature and art — were destroyed along with the library.

The sundial was a type of clock used by the ancient Egyptians.

The earliest instrument to use the sun to measure time was known as a shadow clock, which was simply a vertical stick or pillar which cast a shadow, and the time of day would be known by the length and direction of the shadow.

Ancient Egyptian technology had a great impact on the many civilizations that followed.

Their technology managed to survive centuries so that, even today, some of it can still be seen and even used.There were twelve months in each year and thirty days in each month, with five extra days added the end of the year.This calendar correlated with the flood cycle of the Nile so that the farmers were informed of the best times to plant and reap.The ox-drawn plow revolutionized ancient Egyptian farming.Evidence of ancient Egyptian ink can be still seen today — thousands of years later, the ink is still either entirely or partially visible on manuscripts.Even the statues of gods and goddesses wore makeup.